Choosing wood flooring is a major decision about your home or workplace. Your wood flooring needs to suit your lifestyle.

Oak wood flooring close up. Photo shows strong figuring common in Oak flooring.

Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is popular and traditional. For a modern option why not consider a black walnut wood floor?

Which Wood Flooring?

Wood flooring detail. Photo shows strong figuring common in Oak flooring.

Wood Flooring

Buying wood flooring, do you want oak flooring or a walnut floor? Should you choose a solid hardwood floor or engineered flooring? Our wood flooring information can help. Read about hardwoods for flooring colors and textures. See flooring types to learn about solid hardwood floors, engineered flooring and laminate. Take the wood flooring profile for personalised wood flooring suggestions.

Wood flooring should last for a number of years. Make sure your floor suits the room it is in. Also ensure that nothing about the room makes your choice of wood flooring unsuitable. This could include factors like water, heat, sunlight, scratching and heavy use - especially with sharp objects.

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Covering a wide range of hardwood floors from old favourites like oak flooring, to luxurious, dark walnut & jatoba through to lovely light wood floors like Canadian Maple.

Quality Wood Flooring should last for decades. Research thoroughly - find the right wood floor.

Engineered flooring provides the look of a hardwood floor at a discounted price.

Oak flooring is available both as white oak and red oak flooring.