Ash wood flooring close up. Photo shows strong grain contrast common in Ash hardwood floors.

Ash Flooring

Ash Wood Floors are for people who want to be noticed! Choosing Ash hardwood flooring is a choice make a bold statement. The light wood with the strong grain definitely catches the eye.

Ash Floors are very resilient and have a striking beauty.

Colour Ash hardwood flooring has a light sapwood. The heartwood tends to be fairly light as well although it can vary to shades of dark brown. Colour change over the years Ash wood floors darken with time in a similar degree to other hardwoods. It develops a more tanned complexion with age.

Hardness and Durability Ash flooring is slightly harder than oak. Ash floors are very hard wearing and have great shock resistance qualities. They are often used in sports venues where this is a key consideration.

Grain Ash flooring has very strong grain and colour contrast which make it very striking. Ash floors do not blend into the background they stand up and ask to be noticed!

Preparation and Finish Unlike some other hardwood floors, Ash takes all finishes very well. Astute use of finishing can accentuate the grain contrast on an Ash hardwood floor. Ash wood floor planks are suited to machine and hand tooling.

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Tip - Ash flooring is available both as engineered flooring and wide plank flooring.