Birch wood flooring close up. Photo illustrates the light colour common in Birch hardwood floors.

Birch Hardwood Floor

Birch is a modern choice for a hardwood flooring. A light colored wood which is also popular for furniture.

Birch flooring is available as an engineered floor or as a solid hardwood floor.

Colour The sapwood can be especially light and the heartwood can sometimes have a reddish-pink pigmentation. Birch wood floors tend to have a sheen which also makes Birch a popular for a variety of types of furniture. Colour change over the years Birch wood flooring will gradually develop from a cream colour when it is freshly laid to having a richer orange pigmentation.

Hardness and Durability Although still a hardwood, birch is noticeably less hard than other hardwood floors. Birch is hard-wearing and extremely durable and is a good choice for wood flooring.

Grain The grain tends to be straight and any knots are usually very small. The grain is quite muted. As with all hardwood floors, higher grades will tend to show less knotting and colour contrast.

Preparation and Finish Birch hardwood floors take finish particularly well.

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Tip - Birch wood flooring is available from all good wood floor suppliers.