Walnut flooring is a great choice for someone wanting a dark hardwood floor. It is associated with luxury and high-quality often being found, for example, in exclusive Manhattan apartments.

Walnut wood floors are the definition of luxury in the world of hardwood flooring. The distinctive grain of walnut is elegantly natural and refined.

Black Walnut wood flooring close up. Photo shows strong dark tones common in Walnut.

Walnut Flooring

Colour Walnut flooring is dark. Walnut hardwood floors are made from the heartwood which provides the highest grade of planks for wood flooring. The sapwood varies from white to a creamy-grey. Colour change over the years Walnut flooring can experience a considerable amount of colour change especially when it is exposed to sunlight.

Hardness and Durability Walnut is a hardwood but it is not as hard as most other types of hardwood.

Grain Whilst Walnut flooring does not have quite the striking contrast in the grain that Ash floors do, it does have a distinctive texture or contrast in the grain which many people associate with high quality in furniture as well as wood flooring.

Preparation and Finish Walnut wood flooring is extremely receptive to a wide range of finishes which can accentuate the texture of the wood. For this reason so-called black walnut flooring is a real possibility. Applying a very dark laquer can achieve this. Walnut flooring planks are extremely suitable for both machine and hand tooling which again make them a suitable choice for a wood floor.

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Tip - Black Walnut Flooring is the definition of luxury the All American way! Since walnut accepts finish so well it allows you to have the great texture and patterning and great control over the coloring!