Cherry wood flooring is darker than most hardwood floors. It has a strongly contrasting grain which gives a powerful wood pattern effect to any Cherry wood floor.

Cherry hardwood flooring is an exotic choice. A distinctive unique natural wood which gives a rich flavour to any room.

Colour Cherry flooring have a strong element of red in the pigmentation which means that whilst they are darker than most hardwoods they are not as dark as Walnut. Colour change over the years Cherry wood flooring darkens considerably with time. This is an important consideration when considering installing Cherry flooring. It is important to bear in mind not just what it might look like initially but also the fact that the whole room will appear darker a few years after the installation.

Hardness and Durability Similar to Walnut in hardness, Cherry is a hardwood but it is considerably less hard than most hardwoods. However, it is still a suitable wood for a durable hardwood floor.

Grain Knots often appear in clusters which give an individual flavour to each Cherry hardwood floor. This means that the appearance of Cherry wood floors is not as uniform as floors made from other hardwoods such as Beech which are similar in most other respects.

Preparation and Finish Cherry does take finishes well, however, it is not recommended to attempt to apply a dark stain. Natural finishes are ideal. Cherry wood flooring is extremely good for being cut and finished by machine tools.