Beech is a light-coloured hardwood without a strong grain. Beech wood flooring is a popular contemporary choice. In the right room a Beech wood floor can produce a warm homely feel which has the durability you would expect from a hardwood floor.

Beech wood flooring is available in solid and engineered varieties.

Colour Beech floors can vary from a light creamy color to a mid tan. However, Beech wood flooring tends to give a warm feel to a room as there is often a hint of orange in the pigmentation. Colour change over the years Relative to other hardwoods, a Beech floor can be expected to undergo an average amount of colour change due to time. However, it should be noted that Beech flooring has a tendency to change colour due to high temperatures. A Beech wood floor is not suitable for a room with underfloor heating as the heat will cause pronounced color changes.

Hardness and Durability Beech flooring is of a similar hardness to oak and is equally hard-wearing.

Grain Beech has a uniform appearance with a straight grain which is slightly muted. In the higher grades especially the grain of beech hardwood floors can be very muted. Higher grades of flooring will tend to show less knotting and colour contrast.

Preparation and Finish Beech wood floors are good at holding stain, particularly oil-based finishes.