Jatoba wood flooring is a fine choice for anyone who wants an exotic feeling from their flooring!

Jatoba is an incredibly hard, exotic, hardwood. Relatively dark compared to most hardwood floors it's rich lustre deepens with age to a magnificent red-brown. A Jatoba floor is a stamp of luxury in any home or workplace.

Colour Jatoba flooring is dark brown. Jatoba is a dark hardwood, much darker than oak and maple. The sapwood is has hints of pink and grey whilst the heartwood has stronger elements of red colouration. The heartwood tends to be used for flooring. Colour change over the years Jatoba floors darken noticeably over time. Both the sapwood and the heartwood take on a stronger reddish tone.

Hardness and Durability Jatoba floors are incredibly hard. It is the hardest wood featured on this site. For this reason some of its applications are for very hardwearing items other than floors. However, it is an excellent choice for hardwood floors as well.

Grain A Jatoba floor has a noticeable grain whilst knots tend to be very small.

Preparation and Finish Jatoba flooring is moderately difficult to work with tools because it is so hard. A classic case of a strength having a drawback. It is important to ensure tools are sharp. Jatoba floors are easy to sand and to finish. Jatoba hardwood flooring takes stains well.