Maple flooring is a wonderful choice for a light and uniform feel with great durability. It is especially popular in Canada and throughout North America.

Canadian Maple flooring is a great choice for a light and evenly coloured luxurious hardwood floor. Canadian Maple is harder than but otherwise similar to European Maple.

Colour Canadian Maple flooring tends to be of a light creamy-white colour which deepens with time to a honey tone. The heartwood occasionally has a slightly darker reddish-brown tinge. Colour change over the years Canadian or Hard Maple changes colour over time getting gradually darker as the yellow becomes more pronounced. It is often described as golden. Relative to other hardwoods, Maple floors undergo an average amount of colour change due to time. However, it should be noted that Maple has a higher than average probability of changing colour due to high temperatures. Care should be taken when laying any wood flooring over underfloor heating, but this is especially true for Canadian Maple.

Hardness and Durability Canadian Maple flooring is harder than oak. It has a deserved reputation for excellent durability.

Grain Canadian Maple has a visible grain but it is not as striking as in many other hardwoods. In the higher grades especially the grain can be very muted. Higher grades will tend to show less knotting and colour contrast.

Preparation and Finish Maple hardwood flooring takes finishes relatively well although sometimes the absorption is not totally even. Maple flooring planks can be worked very well with machine and hand tools, however, ensure that the tools are sharp as dull tools can cause it to splinter.