Red Oak hardwood flooring unsurprisingly has very similar characteristics to Oak which is sometimes referred to as White Oak. Red Oak is a light colored hardwood which has grown in popularity recently.

Red oak flooring is a subtle variation on the benchmark of hardwood floors.

Colour Red Oak flooring has a slight pink tint to the pigmentation whereas White Oak floors tend to have slightly more of a grey complexion. This pink tint can however be very subdued. Colour change over the years All hardwood floors tend to experience a degree of colour change over time and Red Oak flooring is no different.

Hardness and Durability Red Oak floors are hard and very durable. Unsurprisingly the characteristics of a Red Oak wooden floor are similar to Oak which is the benchmark against which hardwoods are often measured.

Grain A distinctive grain and pattern that make Red Oak an extremely popular choice for hardwood flooring. Additionally although the grain is pronounced it is slightly more subdued in Red Oak flooring than in Oak (or White Oak) floors.

Preparation and Finish Red Oak flooring is very suitable for both machine and hand tooling. Red Oak wood floors take all types of finish well. Buying unfinished wood planks and applying your own finish is a real possibility if you are confident enough to install your own floor.