European Maple Wood Flooring

European Maple wood floors have much in common with Canadian or Hard Maple. Not as hard as Canadian Maple, European Maple flooring is still hard-wearing and is often found at a discounted price compared to a Canadian Maple floor.

European Maple hardwood flooring can be a more affordable variation of maple that still gives good hardness and durability along with the distinctive, light and uniform feel of Canadian Maple.

Colour European Maple wood flooring tends to be of a light creamy-white colour in the sapwood whilst the heartwood occasionally has a slightly darker reddish-brown tinge. Colour change over the years European Maple hardwood flooring changes colour over time darkening slightly to a honey tone. Maple floors experience a medium amount of colour change over time. However, it should be noted that Maple has a higher than average probability of changing colour due to high temperatures. European Maple flooring requires special care if it is to be laid over underfloor heating.

Hardness and Durability European Maple wood floors are slightly less hard than their Canadian Maple cousins but they are still extremely durable with a hardness comparable to Oak floors.

Grain European Maple is a great choice for someone wanting a light colored hardwood floor with some contrast in the grain but not a very striking grain contrast such as that found in Ash hardwood floors. In the higher grades especially the grain can be very muted. Higher grades will tend to show less knotting and colour contrast.

Preparation and Finish European Maple floors hold stain and other finishes well.